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No photos until I get a new phone-o [Jan. 23rd, 2015|11:26 am]
The Fortress of Snarkitude
It was sunny my first day here, which was nice. Today it's raining in the sort of manner that would trigger flash flood alerts in SoCal. I don't really mind, thanks to the North Face jacket I've been saving for almost a decade.

Yesterday, I braved my way aboard the skytrain and went to the Metrotown mall. In ye olden days, I lived at three of the stops between here and the mall so it was a very nostalgic ride. When I was married, there were many nights Nathaniel and I would head there, sometimes to meet up with Chloe, because there was a time when she worked there. Still not sure how I feel about looking her up. Hell, I'm not even sure if we're still married. Nat is grown up and living in Toronto now. So far I haven't run into anyone from my previous life here though I did just read about a friend in the paper who won a defamation lawsuit. He and I should have plenty to talk about since I have my own history with bad employers.

I'm sleeping better in my attic room. I was cold a few nights but an extra blanket makes all the difference. The house cats, Elise and Poptart, are warming up to me so I'm getting headbutts. I found a bunch of Fizzy photos on this old computer, which makes me miss the little guy.