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Facebook just stepped on my last nerve

I caught a 30 day for typing "democrats should just kill the filibuster" which their bots interpret as a call to violence and since they don't bother to employ people any more, also used bots to review my comment when I protested and upheld the suspension.

I'm tired of being on a platform that censors like the East German Secret Police. And that platform isn't really here, even though I like the idea of writing here. LJ just isn't very active. I'm unsure of my next step.

Jumpy beasts

What's happened since I was last here

With some notable help from friends, I managed to escape Los Angeles and spent nearly two years in Vancouver, BC. I reconnected with one good friend, found a lot of people had moved away, and eventually found steady employment. Along with concluding I couldn't afford to live there on my own. While I was there, my father passed away from a series of strokes and I made plans to move back to the U.S.

I found out my employer had their main manufacturing facility here in Bellingham, WA and asked for a job there and with some help from the friendly supervisor there, got approved.

I spent the next six months living in hotels, as the local housing market was even worse than where I was. Roommates are not an option for me. Eventually I found this place, which is a garage on a rural property, converted into a duplex. I adopted an adorable black cat named Topaz and so far, we're living happily ever after.

I love this city, work is tolerable, and I'm dealing with some heart problems that came roaring back after decades of clear health.

Jumpy beasts

"Apparently, this is New Hampshire"

My comment to Teresa this morning after a night of me having Walter White dreams in the early morning. Because I am in exile - albeit instead of fleeing from something, I fled to something.

So, it's good - this sheltering with Teresa and Phil and Kyle. They're a very loving family and it's safe and welcoming here. Phil has a big heart - turns out that attic room is basically almost always in use. Some people stayed 9 months, others three years. When its empty, it's always open to someone.

Last night, all us guys, including Kyle's friend, sat around talking D&D and World of Warcraft. We're all nerds.

So now I'm living a simpler but richer life and starting next week, will get on the search for jobs. I'm under no survival pressure, just my desire to get back involved. I feel best when I'm working.
Agent Smith rain

No photos until I get a new phone-o

It was sunny my first day here, which was nice. Today it's raining in the sort of manner that would trigger flash flood alerts in SoCal. I don't really mind, thanks to the North Face jacket I've been saving for almost a decade.

Yesterday, I braved my way aboard the skytrain and went to the Metrotown mall. In ye olden days, I lived at three of the stops between here and the mall so it was a very nostalgic ride. When I was married, there were many nights Nathaniel and I would head there, sometimes to meet up with Chloe, because there was a time when she worked there. Still not sure how I feel about looking her up. Hell, I'm not even sure if we're still married. Nat is grown up and living in Toronto now. So far I haven't run into anyone from my previous life here though I did just read about a friend in the paper who won a defamation lawsuit. He and I should have plenty to talk about since I have my own history with bad employers.

I'm sleeping better in my attic room. I was cold a few nights but an extra blanket makes all the difference. The house cats, Elise and Poptart, are warming up to me so I'm getting headbutts. I found a bunch of Fizzy photos on this old computer, which makes me miss the little guy.
Boromir rock

Alive and well

Bare-bones update: I made it to Vancouver, am set up in my new house and so far, all's well. Customs was a breeze, my old bank welcomed me back and I spent most of yesterday exploring my old neighborhood of Commercial Drive. So many changes.

It's going to take a minute to get used to everything. I'm missing the cats a lot. But I love my new housemates and they have nice cats. It's all going to work out.

More soon.
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Goodbye, Natasha

I sent her off to her new home today. She got up with me at 4am and we had some play time. I was hoping to have the weekend with her but it was today or probably not at all. Fizzy has some delicious canned salmon and while he isn't a morning cat, he'll have to soak up some extra affection in these last days here.
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I couldn't sleep last night

Except in fits and starts. But I had a weird half-awake, half-asleep thing telling me my passport would arrive today. Sure enough, all shiny and blue, it was in today's mail. So, the move is on. A week from Monday I fly back to my favorite city anywhere.

What happens from that point on falls on me but I feel ready. I'm going to change up my look and hopefully outlook too. We don't get many second chances, especially as we get older. I'm embracing this.

And Teresa's a really good friend. It's the best possible setup.
Jumpy beasts

And to that end of a better 2015

My flight leaves on the 19th of January.

For the next several days, I'm just enjoying the cats, playing on my computer and mentally preparing. Because I'm resetting my entire life. There's a positive side to this, indeed it's mostly so, but I'm also going to have to adjust.

Last night I had a steak with the neighbor. Who again and again, shows what a decent guy he is. I'm going to miss Jason. I think I'm going into this new year on a high note. And now to my coffee & hash browns.