The Fortress of Snarkitude (fizzyland) wrote,
The Fortress of Snarkitude

'Every day is a winding road'

That was playing in the Smart & Final as I went shopping for the hamburger part of Hamburger Helper. Don't judge - I'm a midwesterner at heart and hence, like casseroles. The one pot dinner in general is something I'm fond of.

Another part of my plan is to secure lower-cost housing since escape from California isn't an immediate option. A room in a house, whatever puts a roof over my head. The problem is that this state is expensive and such spaces are in high demand. Luck will play a role. I've accepted that one or more cats will need to be re-homed, I don't like it but I'm not in control at this point.

People are unrealistic around here with what they demand. Room for rent, first, last, damage deposit. Shared kitchen. Demands proof of full time job and no pets. Only $100 less than I'm paying now. Part of me wants to send hostile messages to people who post places like that.

Neighbor says I'm looking stronger and healthier than he's ever seen me. The daily one mile hike up and down hills probably is doing that. I'm trying to counter my emotional distress with eating as well as I can and getting decent exercise.

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