The Fortress of Snarkitude (fizzyland) wrote,
The Fortress of Snarkitude

I just got asked the harsher version of 'What are your plans for January?'

My dad lit me up. He was truly furious. And for my part, I know I had it coming. I can't argue with anything he had to say. Because I haven't had a plan and treading water and getting handouts from family and friends hasn't gotten me anywhere. I think I needed it.

The second bit of news is that I sold my iMac. My apartment manager is a big Mac guy and while his offer is on the low end, not having to deal with eBay and scammers and 14 day return policies is probably a worthwhile tradeoff.

Honestly, I don't think I want to be here and that may underly what's really going on. I love the cats and have gotten complacent in this climate and apartment but I have no connection to this place anymore. I think I have to be willing to face the elements, live in shelter for a time, and just deal. I'm smart enough to climb out, even I believe in myself that much.

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