The Fortress of Snarkitude (fizzyland) wrote,
The Fortress of Snarkitude

I slept better last night than I have in months

It seems obvious my psyche likes this decision I've come to. Now I'm in problem-solving mode, which is where I'm at my best. The weekend here, I'm going to figure out how to handle the Passport situation. Standard new passport takes 4-6 weeks apparently. That could be on the far end of my time here, which is 6 weeks from Monday depending on the plane reservations. I can't go up there without it.

Expedited passports cost more but 10-12 day turnaround. Money is tight but maybe it's the sane option and would save me worry and potential serious hassles.

Oh and Jason really wants my computer now so I have to tell apartment manager no. Minor hiccup - neither the manager nor I want to be on his bad side.

Time to drink some coffee and go walking. I've noticed, I no longer get sore legs or arches from a mile hike. I'm getting stronger.

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